Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Gaaren's Primitive Services Opened

Today I have uploaded the new site where I will sell supplies (feathers, antler, backstraps etc...) at competitive prices. There are yet no offers in this section, but they will be added as they become available and briefly announced in the blog.

There will be arranged one course in 2007, further details and exact dates will be announced in the blog.

Also, over the recent years I have accumulated quite a lot of books on primitive skills. I have written reviews on a few of them. More will be added soon and it will be announced in the blog. The reviews are attached to an associate program with amazon.co.uk.

If you by any chance want to visit the area where I grew up and f.i. do some fishing, I also market two houses/cottages for my father.

About today's regular entry in the blog: It will be a little delayed, but will be posted within a few hours. :-)