Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Elm Bow Update

I wasn't able to completely finish the bulk of the wood working on my bow today. I got a long way though. There is a couple of things that should be noted about elm wood:
  • Small pieces are rarely straight.
  • If elm isn't perfectly straight and even, they are almost certain to warp.
  • It's interlocking grain is hard to work with stone tools.
My piece has checked a little more sideways now, it still is on the advantageous side of things though, making the bow more centershot than it otherwise would. I am however very worried!

If this bow fails to come out in a reasonably good way, I will leave elm for a while and use a wood that causes less worries to the mind. Here is the progress, when it has been thinned properly and is bending fairly evenly I will start focusing on making the width the way I want it.