Sunday, 19 November 2006

First post

This is my first entry in this blog. Here I will post every day, unless out and about. If you see that I haven't posted by 18.00 GMT, please send me a mail reminding me. That is unless I have indicated in the last entry that I will be unavailable.

I can't promise that all of my posts will be very long and informative, but if I will give a summary of the primitive stuff I have done during the day none the less. If there is any significant progress I will post pictures.

A little about me first. I am originally from Fyresdal, Telemark in Norway. Currently I live in Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag in Norway (a city :( ). My interest introduction to primitive skills was when I was about 9, when my grandfather made me a bow. I had been carving and fishing for a long time before that, but that was when my interest in more historic crafts was sparked. But it wasn't until I was in my teens that I started using stone tools.

From there and until today, I would say I have built quite an expertise in trout fishing. Both primitive and modern. I have successfully trapped ptarmigan and red squirrels. Have also hunted trush and duck (With what weapons you say? I won't tell, but you can assume it was a gun ;) ). In these skills I must state though, that I am an absolute novice. And being in a city, there is little room for practising it just now anyway.

Regarding crafts I have made lots of things of antler, bone, wood and sinew. Not much, but a few things of hides as well. My current gear will however fit in a photo. I will try to take that photo tomorrow.

My short term goal is to make all of the basic gear I need for 14 days on an island called Hitra south-west of here. I will compile a list of gear I have and gear I need, and from time to time I will post how much I have left to make.