Monday, 20 November 2006

Equipment list for planned primitive "expedition" to Hitra.

I have now compiled a list of the equipment I will bring on my expedition to Hitra next summer. Objects may be added or removed as my planning develops.

  • Flint knife.

  • A core for flakes.

  • Knapping equipment.

  • Antler axe.

  • Throwing sticks (not that I will be using them).

  • Fishing line.

  • Fishing hooks.

  • Some string.

  • Beaver tooth knives.

  • Some sinew.

  • Buckskin scraps.

  • Hide scraper.

  • Needles.

  • Pike skin tinder pouch.

Need to be made:

  • Barbs for a fishing spear.

  • Bow and arrows (not that I will use those either).

  • A loincloth of grass or fibres as I don't have any hides (to not scare the German tourists).

  • More fishing lines and hooks.

  • Bone knife.

  • Pouch of elk (moose) ear for storing fibres and string.

  • Packframe.

  • Big container of either grass or bark.

  • Maybe a few smaller containers.

  • Maybe a birch bark kettle.

  • Maybe a small net.

Non primitive stuff:

  • To make the learning experience better I will bring relevant identification books.

  • Mobile phone. To call my girlfriend every once in a while.

  • Camera and batteries. I need to take some pictures for the blog.