Thursday, 12 April 2007

Toe Bone Fishing Hook

This winter I have made a number of antler and bone hooks made in several different ways. A method I tried fairly recently I would say is more than likely my new method for making a bone hook. Bone has two major advantages over antler as a hook. It gets sharper and isn't as affected by water (antler softens a lot after some time). The disadvantage is usually that bone isn't as flexible and has a strong tendency to break, especially where cut agains it's grain. The toe bone hook follows the grain all the way and can be left thinner, which faciliates easier bait attachment and possibly higher overall efficiency. With other words, this is yet to me, probably "the ideal" primitive fishing hook. I know that the barrel cactus have even more suitable hooks, but that plant is unfortunately not to be found here.

First you need a toe bone. Clean it up well.

Grind both sides until you expose the marrow in the middle, this will make into a natural, hollow rectangular(ish) piece of bone.

Clean up the inside.

Cut at what you judge to be the most suitable place and cut the shape of the hook.

Round the edges of the hook and make it sharp.